HYScent Pod: Product Info

Green odor control at its very best

The HYScent Pod's four-quadrant vent holes ensure that the device achieves an optimal 360° fragrance dispersion.  Without the use of aerosols or solvents, the HYScent Pod is one of the greenest - and most effective - devices on the market.

Key product features include:
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • An essential oil-based system
    • No batteries
    • Does not use aerosols or other harmful propellants
    • Refill cartridges are recyclable
  • Cost-Effective
    • Refill cartridges last between 45 and 60 days
  • Odor Neutralization
    • Fragrances attack and neutralize malodors with Odoraxe
    • Odorizes up to 100 square feet of space
  • Easy to Mount
    • Mounts anywhere
    • Double-sided tape or screws (both included)
  • Simple to Operate
    • No programming required
    • Refill cartridges are solid; no mess or residue
  • Private Label Available
    • Customizable side vents and design
    • Match your own logo
    • Available in any color
What’s in the box?
  • Warranty registration card
  • Double-sided tape, 4 screws and 4 anchor screws for wall mounting
  • Key for security lock


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HYScent Pod: Advantages

A landmark achievement in odor control and air freshening technology.  Brought to you by HYSO.

Don't let the HYScent Pod's small size fool you.  It packs a mean punch of odor neutralization and beautiful scents.  By drawing stale air over the fragrance cartridge, the HYScent Pod performs better than any other comparable odor control device on the market.  Here's a look into how and why:

  • Four-quadrant vent holes ensure 360° fragrance dispersion, odorizing up to 100 sq. ft. of space
  • Lighter molecules have a greater spread and linger in the air longer, ensuring long-lasting fragrance
  • Inventive air-in, fragrance-out system controls output of the top notes extremely efficiently, enabling an even, smooth fragrance that lasts consistently
  • Scents are dispersed through open vents that will never close up, allowing for dependable fragrancing for up to 60 days
  • Innovative Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) technology conforms to the most stringent Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) legislation nationwide and is only available through HYSO
  • EVA and the pure essential oils are non-corrosive, contain virtually no solvents and are not impactful on the cartridge or the device housing
  • No mess or ooze; EVA disks leave no residue, are dry and do not need to be touched when replaced
  • Convenient wall-mounting (horizontal or vertical) or desktop mounting options


HYScent: Fragrances

Contain pure essential oils and Odoraxe, a scientifically proven deodorizer

HYSO offers fragrances ranging from the energizing and invigorating to the calming and soothing. No matter your preferences, there is something for all facility types and needs.

HYSO currently offers the following fragrances:

  • Cherry Almond
    Sweet cherry blossoms and buttery almonds with floral notes
  • Ocean
    Cool and aquatic, with fruity nuances and coastal field flowers
  • Pomegranate Plum
    Juicy pomegranate, plum, white peach and red grapefruit with coconut and musk notes
  • Citrus
    Mouth-watering mandarin orange, tangerine and grapefruit blend with crisp florals and white woods
  • Linen
    Fresh and airy with summer florals evoking clean sheets drying in a sunny breeze
  • Lavender
    Lavender blended with apple blossoms, white grape and patchouli inspires and uplifts
  • Mango
    Tropical mango and coconut with sparkling apple and delicate peach blossom
  • Vanilla
    Comforting, creamy vanilla with a touch of coconut and a dash of cinnamon
  • Cinnamon
    Heartwarming cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and a touch of toasty coconut – a winter favorite
  • Powder
    For those sensitive to fragrance, this low-scent option is highly effective at neutralizing odors
  • Citronella
    A lemony blend of freshly cut citronella grass, California orange, wild mint and eucalyptus

All of HYSO’s fragrances are made from pure essential oils. HYSO fragrances are also synergistically formulated with Odoraxe, a Malodor Technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odors such as:

  • Bathroom smells
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Body malodor
  • Pet smells
  • Mildew
  • Kitchen and cooking smells

All of HYSO’s fragrance cartridges are made using Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a flexible, translucent and glossy material ideal for fragrance housing. All cartridges are recyclable.

Custom Fragrances

HYSO, in conjunction with its perfumery, can develop custom fragrances or match an existing fragrance of yours. If interested, please contact HYSO directly for further information.

HYScent Pod: How to Order

Distribution channels in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa

If you are interested in purchasing the HYScent Pod or fragrance cartridges, please contact HYSO directly:

1-888-HYSO-LLC (1-888-497-6552)
North American Sales: sales@hyso.com
International Sales: internationalsales@hyso.com

Contact HYSO Now


HYScent Pod: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the HYScent Pod be used anywhere? Can it be oriented in any direction? Yes. The HYScent Pod can be used in just about any location and can be wall-mounted, hung from the ceiling, or simply placed on a table. If desired, the HYScent Pod can be hidden by mounting under a table or countertop.

How large a space can the HYScent Pod odorize and fragrance? Up to 100 sq. ft.

How long do the HYScent Pod fragrance cartridges last? Between 45 and 60 days.

What is EVA? Ethyl Vinyl Acetate. EVA is a flexible, translucent and glossy material ideal for fragrance housing.

Are the fragrance cartridges recyclable? Yes. All HYScent fragrance cartridges are recyclable.

What is Odoraxe™? Odoraxe™, a Malodor Technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odors, actually eliminates malodors rather than simply “masking” them.

Are the fragrance cartridges exempt from VOC limits? Yes. HYSO’s EVA technology conforms to the most stringent Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) legislation in the United States.

Does the HYScent Pod leave any residue? Do the fragrances cause corrosion? No. The HYScent Pod and its fragrance cartridges leave no residue and are completely non-corrosive.

Can the HYScent Pod be used around food? Yes. The HYScent Pod is completely safe to use around food and can be used in restaurants, kitchens, food processing facilities, etc.

What is the shelf life of the refill fragrance cartridges? All refill cartridges are heat sealed in cast polypropylene bags, providing a shelf life of at least 18 months.

For additional inquiries, please contact us.