Register Warranty

Fill out the warranty registration form below to ensure warranty protection of your purchased HYSO products. Please note that if you already filled out and mailed in a Warranty Registration Card (included with each device), you do not need to also fill out the online form.

HYSO devices are guaranteed for a period of three years against defects due to material or manufacturing workmanship. HYSO LLC will either repair or replace the unit or its defective parts, at HYSO’s option, free of charge.

In the event of a failure, telephone customer service at 888-497-6552 to report the nature of the failure and to obtain warranty enforcement instructions. DO NOT RETURN THE UNIT BEFORE CONTACTING CUSTOMER SERVICE. When you call, have the purchase date of the unit ready. Damage resulting from misuse, abuse or battery leakage is not covered by this warranty. WARRANTY IS IMMEDIATELY INVALIDATED IF HYSO MANUFACTURED REFILLS ARE NOT USED IN THE DEVICE.

Note: A separate warranty must be filled out for different product categories.